N I C   G O N Z O N I C G O N Z O


Nic, Nicole Maria Gonzalez, is a New York City based filmmaker, makeup artist and photographer. She is available for travel.

B I O G R A P H Y :

Nicole Maria Gonzalez was born in Altamonte Springs Florida, to working class Latin-American parents. Her father is Puerto Rican and her mother is Dominican. She was raised in Hoboken New Jersey until she entered the 4th Grade and moved back to Central Florida. Nicole was a quiet and timid young girl who didn’t socialize regularly with other children. She preferred to spend her free time watching movies, drawing, taking photos, and sewing old fabrics from around the house to make fashion accessories. As she entered high-school she felt like an outcast and different, so she began to take her art more seriously. She dreamed of becoming a big time filmmaker, as film encompassed all of the artistic mediums Nicole had interests in. As Nicole grew older, she found herself too insecure to pursue filmmaking, so she began focusing on fashion photography, fashion styling, and makeup artistry. Now in her late 20's, she is rekindling her love for film by pursuing a career in film making. Nicole writes, edits, and directs all of her projects.